2021 Property Tax Collection Update

In line with current COVID-19 precautions, I ask that you PLEASE mail your tax payment to:

Clerk/Tax Collector

78 Higby Road

Ellenburg Depot NY 12935


If you absolutely must pay in person, it will be by appointment to avoid multiple people at the Clerk/Tax Collector’s window at one time.


Additionally, check or money order is preferred. If you pay by cash, please have the exact amount, as it cannot be guaranteed that we can make change for overpayments. Credit/debit is also accepted, and this can be done over the phone. Be aware, however, that the vendor who provides this service to us will charge you 2.45% or $3.99, whichever is higher.


If you need an appointment, call 518-492-7541, extension 4. Appointments will be between 8:30 am - 3 pm Tuesdays and Wednesday, and 8:30-11:30 am on Thursdays. There is also a drop box installed near the front door for your convenience. However - ABSOLUTELY NO CASH in the drop box. The Town of Dannemora will NOT be responsible for cash left in the drop box.


Finally, if you have any questions, please call the above number or email me at Some of this information can also be found on the back of your tax bill.

Town Clerk/Tax Collector

Deborah Coryer

Phone: 518-492-7541 Extension 4

Fax: 518-492-7314



Mailing and Physical Address:

Dannemora Town Clerk

78 Higby Road

Ellenburg Depot, NY 12935


Hours of Operation: 

Tuesday and Wednesday 8:30am - 4:00pm and Thursday 8:30am - 12:00pm

*These hours are "posted" window hours. Non-posted window hours vary, however, please call to make special arrangements.

The primary duties of the Town/Clerk involve the making and maintaining copies of all ordinances, resolutions and other papers filed with this office, as well as acting as the clerk to the Town Board, attending all Board meetings while recording the minutes, receiving all communications addressed to the Board, and serving all notices. 


The Town Clerk issues and sells the following:  Marriage Licenses, Dog Licenses, Hunting/Fishing Licenses, certified copies of vital records. The clerk also collects payments for water and sewer in Dannemora Districts #1 and #2 starting in April and ending in October.

As Tax Collector, Deborah Coryer collects all property taxes for the Town of Dannemora, beginning the first Tuesday of January and ending April 30th each year. Taxes may be viewed online anytime at  Payments may be made in person during office hours or via mail, postmark accepted as date of payment. Checks written from non-US banks could cause delays.

The Dannemora Town Clerk/Tax Collector's Office can now accept credit and debit payments. Convenience fees are as follows:

  • Property Tax payments - Visa Credit, Mastercard and Discover Credit and Debit - 2.45% of payment or $3.99, whichever is higher

  • Clerk Fees (dog licenses, Code Enforcement permits, misc fees and licenses) - 2.45% of payment or $1.75, whichever is higher

  • Utility (Water/Sewer) Payments - 2.45% of payment or $1.75, whichever is higher


This service is at no cost to the town taxpayers - the convenience fees go to the servicing vendor to make this convenience possible.

Applying for a Marriage License

Documents required to obtain a marriage license are a driver's license or Picture ID and certified birth certificate. A valid passport with your current information can also be used. The individuals must appear personally before the Town Clerk or her deputies. The Fee is $40 and the license is valid 24 hours after applying up to 60 days after.


For Certified Copies of marriage licenses, first ensure you know WHERE you got your license. The license is filed with the clerk who issued it, not necessarily where you got married. For example, if you got married in the Town of Dannemora, but purchased your license in the City of Plattsburgh, you will need to get a copy from Plattsburgh, NOT Dannemora. Cost is $10 per copy. Mailed requests for copies must include Names and date of marriage, a copy of the requester's Official ID to verify authorization to have a copy, and $10 money order. Mail to Town Clerk, 78 Higby Road, Ellenburg Depot NY 12935.


Dog License



Revenues and Expenditures


Property Taxes

The Clerk/Tax Collector's window hours will be reduced from Feb 23rd - March 22nd as follows: Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9am - 2pm and Thursdays from 9am - noon. There is a black drop box at the main entrance at 78 Higby Road for your convenience.