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Town Clerk/Tax Collector

Rebecca Langlois

Phone: 518-492-7541 Extension 4

Fax: 518-492-7314



Mailing and Physical Address:

Dannemora Town Clerk

78 Higby Road

Ellenburg Depot, NY 12935


There has been some confusion about the yellow paper included with the water bill. Lyon Mountain Debt is the Debt Redemption which is added to the SEWER bill for anyone who owns a VACANT LOT or second half of a house in Lyon Mountain. If you pay this additional debt redemption, it is already added to your bill - it WILL NOT be a separate bill. We apologize for the confusion. Any questions, please feel free to contact me, Rebecca Langlois, at 518-492-7541 ext 4.


Exciting News: Convenient Online Water and Sewer Payments Now Available!

Managing your water and sewer payments just got easier! Introducing our brand-new online payment feature for hassle-free transactions. Here's how to get started: 


  • Simply click HERE to open the water and sewer payment portal.

  • You can pay your water bill in April and May without penalty. Beginning in June, YOU MUST ADD A 5% PENALTY of the original charge to your payment.

  • You can pay your sewer bill in June, July, and August without penalty, beginning in September YOU MUST ADD A 5% PENALTY of the original charge to your payment.


The online payment portal will NOT automatically add any penalties that are owed. All payments must be received before November 1st. If not received before November 1st they will be sent to the County for relevy. Any questions or if you need assistance, please contact the Town Clerk’s office during office hours or email


Hours of Operation: 

Tuesday and Wednesday 8:30am - 3:30pm and Thursday 8:30am - 12:00pm

*These hours are "posted" window hours. Non-posted window hours vary, however, please call to make special arrangements.

The primary duties of the Town/Clerk involve the making and maintaining copies of all ordinances, resolutions and other papers filed with this office, as well as acting as the clerk to the Town Board, attending all Board meetings while recording the minutes, receiving all communications addressed to the Board, and serving all notices. 


The Town Clerk issues and sells the following:  Marriage Licenses, Dog Licenses, Hunting/Fishing Licenses, certified copies of vital records. The clerk also collects payments for water and sewer in Dannemora Districts #1 and #2 starting in April and ending in October.

As Tax Collector, Rebecca Langlois collects all property taxes for the Town of Dannemora, beginning the first Tuesday of January and ending April 30th each year. Taxes may be viewed and paid online anytime at Payments may be made in person during office hours or via mail, postmark accepted as date of payment. Checks written from non-US banks could cause delays.

The Dannemora Town Clerk/Tax Collector's Office can now accept credit and debit payments. Convenience fees are as follows:

  • Property Tax payments - Visa Credit, Mastercard and Discover Credit and Debit - 2.55% of payment or $3.99, whichever is higher

  • Clerk Fees (dog licenses, Code Enforcement permits, misc fees and licenses) - 2.55% of payment or $1.75, whichever is higher

  • Utility (Water/Sewer) Payments - 2.55% of payment or $1.75, whichever is higher


This service is at no cost to the town taxpayers - the convenience fees go to the servicing vendor to make this convenience possible.

Applying for a Marriage License

Documents required to obtain a marriage license are a driver's license or Picture ID and certified birth certificate. A valid passport with your current information can also be used. The individuals must appear personally before the Town Clerk or her deputies. The Fee is $40 and the license is valid 24 hours after applying up to 60 days after.


For Certified Copies of marriage licenses, first ensure you know WHERE you got your license. The license is filed with the clerk who issued it, not necessarily where you got married. For example, if you got married in the Town of Dannemora, but purchased your license in the City of Plattsburgh, you will need to get a copy from Plattsburgh, NOT Dannemora. Cost is $10 per copy. Mailed requests for copies must include Names and date of marriage, a copy of the requester's Official ID to verify authorization to have a copy, and $10 money order. Mail to Town Clerk, 78 Higby Road, Ellenburg Depot NY 12935.


Dog License



Revenues and Expenditures


Property Taxes

Welcome to the

Town of Dannemora's Clerk's Office

Property tax collection for 2024 begins January 2, 2024. Payments should be mailed to: Rebecca Langlois, Tax Collector, 78 Higby Road, Ellenburg Depot NY, 12935. Mailed payments are posted according to US Postmark. If mailing on the last day of the month, ensure it is POSTMARKED that day, as it will be considered late if postmarked the next day. Payments made after February 1st, 2024, have penalties added.


There is a secure drop box located outside the main doors for your convenience. Absolutely no cash in the drop box please as we will not be responsible for cash left in the box. I am located at 78 Higby Road (formerly Town Garage Road) in Chazy Lake, co-located with the Town Highway Garage. My office's collection window is the first set of double doors. (Checks written from non-US banks could cause delays and potentially incur additional penalties.) If paying in cash, please have the exact amount, as I may not be able to make change. I also can take credit and debit cards - however there is a convenience fee of 2.55% of payment or $3.99, whichever is higher. No part of these fees will be retained by the Town.


There is a BRAND-NEW feature to be able to pay your current tax bill online, you can go to There is a fee to use credit/debit cards and it will be explained exactly how much before you process any payments, Echeck is also available on the site for a flat fee of $2.00.


If paying in installments, only the first installment is paid to me. All others get mailed directly to the County Treasurer's Office. Please look at your installment coupons for the address. If installments other than the first are mailed to me in error, they will be returned to you. I cannot forward them to Clinton County. Late notice reminders will be mailed April 1st. Any tax payments made after April 31st of ANY tax year must be sent to the Clinton County Treasurer's Office.


I DO NOT collect school tax- please contact your school district for that information. If there is an issue with incorrect information on your bill, contact the County Treasurer's Office. Towns do not print or mail out the bills - the County Treasurer's office is solely responsible for what is on your bill.



Town of Dannemora

Clerk/Tax Collector (518) 492-7541 ext 4

Payments made at the county after the close of any Tax Collection period will not be posted on this website

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